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Specialized Air Transport Solutions

BMR Express provides specialized and efficiant air cargo transport services to all of the world’s major economically developed areas.


air cargo

With over 30 years of experience in the air transportation industry, BMR Express has provided an efficient and personalized service to all of the world’s major economically developed areas in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania.  We provide a seamless, one call solution tailored to the specific needs of our customers. With highly trained cargo professionals in our international network, each one knows the culture, provides fluency in their language and is thoroughly familiar with local regulations concerning the importation and exportation of products and goods.  Below are some of the cargo transport services we have created to support those requirements.

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air cargo charters

No matter the size or weight of your shipment, we can tailor a flexible solution to move your critical cargo by the planeload.  We will provide the flight crew, aircraft type and necessary ground handling to get your cargo shipment moving.  Our specialized freight services support the following industries such as automotive parts and machinery, oil and gas manufacturing, and livestock charters.

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emergency RESPONSE

We can provide immediate assistance when disaster or emergency strikes. Utilizing freighter aircraft, helicopters and surface transportation, BMR Express will coordinate a range of strategies to support an effective emergency aid response. Humanitarian Relief Agencies and Government and Non-Government organizations can count on us when an immediate “plan of action” is required.

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remote flights

When areas are not accessible by road, land, sea or rail, BMR Express can be called upon for a solution.  We can charter from a wide range of aircraft and helicopters to perform an airlift or cargo drop to isolated areas (e.g. polar, arctic and desert regions, mountainous and jungle terrain) Scientific Exploration, Research and Engineering firms are some of the groups that can benefit from using us for this type of operation.

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specialized cargo

We have the comprehensive experience and solutions available when transporting sensitive cargo such as pharmaceutical, electronics and technology, AOG or high value products such as precious metals and materials.  Based on the specific type, size and/or weight of your cargo, we will calculate the best way for these items to be transported by air in terms of load planning, special handling and security.