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Chartering a freighter aircraft is assessed by the urgency of the situation or the dimensions of the cargo to be transported. A cargo charter may be required in such occurrences as seaport or assembly line shutdowns, expediting AOG “aircraft on ground” spare parts and humanitarian aid to disaster stricken areas. At BMR Express, we provide a seamless, one call solution tailored to the shipping needs of our customers. Below are some of the aircraft options selected to support your specific requirements.

Antonov AN225 worlds largest aircraft being loaded on a sunny day


The Antonov AN124 and AN225 have become the touchstone of heavy cargo charter operations around the world. The AN225 is recognized as the world’s largest freighter carrying up to 250,000 kgs (The AN124 transports up to 150,000 kgs) Each of these aircraft provides roll-on and roll-off ramps (for cargo front and aft) and internal cranes that run along the roof to maneuver large and oversized cargo.

Cargo loadmaster inspecting the empty interior of a Boeing B777 freighter aircraft


The Boeing B777F is a long-range, high capacity freighter designed to fill the needs of global cargo operations. The B777F has a loading capacity of 102 tonnes and accommodates 27 standard pallets on the main deck (2.5 x 3.1 m) while the lower cargo hold carries 10 pallets. The fuel efficient B777F provides environmental benefits (lower fuel consumption equals lower carbon emissions)

Boeing B747-8F Freighter preparing for takeoff from airport


The ever so popular Boeing B747-8F is the only commercial freighter with a nose door that allows for the flexible loading of oversized cargo shipments. The aircraft can carry a payload of 140 tonnes with a volume of 692 cubic meters in the main cargo deck. The B747-8F has a 16% lower ton per mile operating cost than its predecessor the Boeing B747-400F, and offers a slightly greater travel range.

ATR 72F Freighter preparing for landing at Guernsey airport during sundown


The ATR 72F is an enlarged freighter version of the ATR 42F, with an extended fuselage for greater cargo capacity, larger wingspan, and more powerful turboprops.  The newer ATR-72-600F features a windowless fuselage and is equipped with a large front cargo door and a rear door hinged at the top edge.  With a max payload of 8.6 tonnes, this aircraft is ideal for the regional short-haul freight market.