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Travelling business or leisure?   We offer passenger and private jet charters.



Flying on a private jet is a special privilege that avoids long airport wait times, the loss of luggage or the delays and disadvantages of flying on a fully booked commercial flight.  Although you travel first class, the real truth is that you choose to fly on your own terms and schedule. At BMR Express we offer a wide variety of private jet options and benefits custom fit to your travel requirements. Below are some of our personal choices selected to provide you an intimate and luxurious flying experience.

private jet charters for passengers making worldwide travel plans

bombardier global 6000 

The Bombardier Global 6000 was innovatively designed to support the market for ultra-long-range business travel.  With a cabin offering exceptional space, privacy, luxury and comfort, the Global 6000 offers excellent performance for short distances as well as flight times of up to 12 hours.  Popular destinations for this aircraft include Dubai to Singapore and Hong Kong to London.

group flight charters servicing groups of 20 to 2000 passengers

bombardier challenger 350

If you are travelling in a group of 20 to 2000 passengers, we can coordinate a program to support a one-way charter or long-term flight program onboard an economy or VIP configured aircraft. Flight plans are designed according to preferred travel dates and times.  Experience the benefits of fellowship by travelling together.   Whatever the need, we want to fulfill all your travel expectations

VIP flight services for your level of luxury


Efficiency, performance, flexibility and comfort are essential qualities of the Dassault Falcon.   As of late, the Falcon 8X, stands out for its comfort and provides an impressive selection of more than 30 designs and configurations to choose from to support the needs of its customers.  Popular destinations for this aircraft include London to Cape Town and Los Angeles to Beijing.

Medical flights for patient emergencies and medical evacuations


We provide immediate assistance when there is an emergency to move patients to and from health care facilities and medical evacuation scenes.  Medevac aircraft, equipped as intensive care units and staffed with a medical team are utilized to meet the specific needs of the patient during transport.  Airline stretcher transport and passenger medical escort services can be coordinated on some commercial flights.