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Travelling business or leisure?   We offer passenger and private jet charters.



Chartering a passenger aircraft offers greater flexibility in terms of flight planning, routing and destination. If you are a large group attending a special event like the FIFA World Cup, a business convention in Las Vegas, or planning a vacation tour package to the Caribbean, the entire aircraft is booked for that special purpose. BMR approaches every detail with care when evaluating your charter requirements. Below are some of our choices to help you find the most appropriate aircraft selection.

Airbus A350 passenger aircraft flying above the city skyline


The A350 is proving to be a popular choice of aircraft in the Airbus family. Laid out in a standard three-class configuration and a capacity of up to 387 seats, the A350 impacts the flying experience of wellness seeking travelers. This aircraft features a quieter cabin, better oxygen flow to reduce fatigue, an electronic dimming window concept  and special LED mood-lighting throughout the cabin.

The flight interior of a Boeing B787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft


The wide-body Boeing B787 Dreamliner can carry up to 323 passengers.  Utilizing composite materials, the Dreamliner provides unbeatable efficiency in terms of fuel consumption by using 20% less fuel than any other airplane of its size.  Its interior design and state-of-the-art technology such as “Skyinterior” lighting allows passengers to feel much less tired after a long flight. 

The Airbus A320 is one of the best selling passenger aircraft of all time

Airbus A320

Since 1987, the Airbus A320 has secured its reputation as one of the bestselling aircraft of all time.  Primarily suited to transatlantic routes, the revamped A321neo (New Engine Option) is winning the market on expanded seating capacity with 200-250 seat aircraft, providing high levels of passenger comfort with its recent innovations to aircraft seating and cabin design.  

The blue lit interior of a Boeing B737-800 passenger aircraft


The Boeing B737 is the world’s best-selling commercial aircraft with just over 6,000 aircraft in service.  The emergence of the B737 MAX 10, offers significant fuel savings and technological advances.  A favorite among tour operators and sports groups, the MAX 10 can hold up to 230 passengers and has the impressive range to fly directly on transatlantic and transcontinental routes.