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Travelling business or leisure?   We offer passenger and private jet charters.



Whether you need is big or small, BMR Express will approach every detail with care when evaluating your budget and charter requirements to help you find the most appropriate aircraft selection.  For every trip that we organize, be it a multi-sector flight or a one way journey and for every jet or helicopter we charter, each flight operation is fully managed and supported with the same attention to detail.  Our priorities mirror yours as we share your concerns for quality, comfort, service and reliability.  We take care and pride in everything we do.  Here are some of the passenger and private jet services where we invest both our time and passion.

private jet charters for passengers making worldwide travel plans


Whether you are travelling for business or for leisure, BMR Express offers private jet charters for your worldwide travel plans. Fly on your own terms and schedule as we select the right aircraft custom fit to your requirements, number of passengers travelling, and level of comfort for a specific task or mission.  Individuals, government agencies, corporations and sports organizations will benefit from this service.

group flight charters servicing groups of 20 to 2000 passengers


If you are travelling in a group of 20 to 2000 passengers, we can coordinate a program to support a one-way charter or long-term flight program onboard an economy or VIP configured aircraft. Flight plans are designed according to preferred travel dates and times.  Experience the benefits of fellowship by travelling together.   Whatever the need, we want to fulfill all your travel expectations

VIP flight services for your level of luxury

BOEING B747-8F Freighter

We offer a variety of options to meet the level of luxury on your next flight.  Our personalized catering can include personal chefs, special diet menus and drink service.  Find out about our service presentation which includes the exposure of your brand preferences on the aircraft you are travelling.  When thinking of something special, present your flight guests with customized amenity kits and comfort items.

Medical flights for patient emergencies and medical evacuations

ATR 72F Freighter

The ATR 72F is an enlarged freighter version of the ATR 42F, with an extended fuselage for greater cargo capacity, larger wingspan, and more powerful turboprops.  The newer ATR-72-600F features a windowless fuselage and is equipped with a large front cargo door and a rear door hinged at the top edge.  With a max payload of 8.6 tonnes, this aircraft is ideal for the regional short-haul freight market.